Monday, December 28, 2015

week 47

It's going to be a great week for that reason alone!! Happy new years everyone!!
Three lessons learned this week....
fleas: This might be one that I should save for after the mission, but it was so funny. I won't go into great detail... but here's a basic summary. We taught in a home this week where there was a two year old running around the house in a diaper, covered in red big bites. They have a dog, three cats, a bird and three bearded dragons. His mom made a comment that she wasn't sure what was biting him. We had a member with us and when we left this home she told us she watched multiple fleas jump up and bite this child. They were jumping all over the carpet right where the member was sitting. We jumped in the car, drove down the road, before jumping back out and shaking out our clothes and hair to make sure we were rid of fleas. We think we escaped okay, but we went home and threw our clothes in the wash and showered. It was a mission moment. Like I said, there's a lot more to the story, but it's best to be saved for later :) I'm not sure if I will ever own animals. 
drugs: When teaching the Word of Wisdom, go over, IN DEPTH everything it includes. Also even if you teach it three times and bring it up in every lesson, people will still hold things back. It's important to be honest and to recognize where we fall short. We are exercising a lot of faith this week in God's timing and his plan for our investigator.
god-sent miracles: We found ourselves lost as to what to do one night. Our plans fell through, our back-up plans fell through and we had prayed to ask God what to do and we had no luck in what we were directed to do either. We had one hour left and found ourselves completely clueless as to what God wanted us to do. We started driving towards an apartment complex to go tracting, but suddenly I realized I had gotten in a turn lane without even noticing. We realized that we were right next to Tina Parker's house. We taught her a couple months ago and she was progressing well before life happened and she told us she couldn't meet with us any longer. So we decided God wanted us to go see her. She welcomed us in and we taught her about the Book of Mormon again. We have an appointment to meet with her and her daughter and grandson tonight. As we left she said, "You just brought peace into my home, thank you!" We were so happy to see her again and plan to recommit her to baptism tonight. God works in mysterious ways, we need to make sure we are effective instruments.
Happy New Year!! I think this might be the first year ever that I'm actually PUMPED for new years :) Missions are the best.
Love you!
Sister Mal
christmas package

it was a "smell good" christmas... i think people are trying to tell us something hahaha

this is what happens when a member finds out your first name. dang it!

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