Thursday, December 3, 2015

week 43

dear family and whoever else is out there-
I'm not sure if I have anything imparticular to share from this week, rather a bunch of little miracles that have happened lately that I am extremely thankful for.
Tina: remember Tina? She was the LA we started working with when I VERY first came to the area. We have continued to work with her and she is doing so great. She is the one who married the muslim man and hasn't been able to come to church in 30 years. Well she now has a temple recommend and is doing family history. She's been a great example to her family all these years and has silently tried to share her testimony with them. Well last Sunday she told us she wanted us to teach one of her sons... She explained that they had a long talk about life and how he was having a hard time. She told him the only way to find peace and happiness is through learning about Jesus Christ and his church. We'll be meeting with her son this week. 
John Moore: Remember him? He broke Sister Olsons and my hearts back in July. We've stopped by his house multiple times and had no luck. Well the other sisters stopped by a couple weeks ago and he welcomed them in. He was at church yesterday and I don't remember the last time I was so happy to see someone. He's planning to be baptized on December 12th.
Jaylen Clark: Remember him? He dropped off the face of the earth about three months ago. Well last night as we were eating dinner Sister Harper said, "Let's call Jaylen!" So we did. He answered and we know have an appointment to meet with him. 
I am thankful to be in an area long enough to see things come full circle. I am grateful for the miracles that are placed before us every day. I am grateful for this short amount of time I have to serve the Lord. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for the gospel. But most of all, I am grateful for Jesus Christ and the strength He gives me every single day. 
Love you all
Sister Mal

A Mad English Man lives here... we talked to him for 20 minutes one day about the gospel and how we aren't nuns...
but he also spray paints his palm trees orange because he thinks it adds a good "pop of color" to the house. you can't see it but the flag he is flying is half brittish and half american

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