Sunday, July 26, 2015

week 26

Wow. I don't even know where to start. ELDER TANUVASA COMES TOMORROW. and i'm praying that for some reason I have the miracle and blessing of seeing him. 
This week, well things are all over the place as always. But I noticed something as we talked to person after person this week.
A common question we are asked is, "Were you raised in the church?"
At the start of my misison, I HATED that question. I always felt like the person immediately discredited everything else I would say after that because they knew that was how I was born and raised and I really don't know any different. As time has gone on though, I've started speaking up. Now when someone asks my response goes a little like this, 
"Yes. I was born and raised in the church. But their comes a time in everyone's life where they have to know for themselves. I can honestly tell you that my parents wouldn't be able to send me off to Florida for a year and a half to teach this gospel. I could only rely on them for so long before I had to know for myself"
There is a quote in Preach My Gospel that has come to my mind again and again this last week: "Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of fiath, and there he must make his stand" - Ezra Taft Benson

There are very distinct times in my life where I feel like my testimony grew a little more. And as I reflect on those times it helps me to better understand how personally God knows each of us. Our testimonies develop according to our needs. God works in mysterious ways, so that one day, when we are backed up to our wall of faith, we truly will be able to make our own stand.
Love you all!
Sister Mal
P.S. Sister Olson and I are making big changes this week and we are really excited to see what the Lord has instore. We just hope we have enough faith to carry it out. Prayers for faith would be wonderful :)

This is what sister Olson looks at all day. Hahahahahah

Hermione on her way to District Meeting! 

the bump on my left heel is a bug bite... shoes are painful to wear because of it.

The last picture of the Tampa 2 sisters all together. Sister Tawzer leaves us this week! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

week 25

i have no idea what even to say about this week....
BUT PEPE COMES NEXT WEEK. oh my hannah. I'm SO excited. you have no idea.
so i really don't know where to start. i feel like this might just be word vomit.
we got a call on tuesday this week from our ward mission leader and it went like this...
Me: Hello this is Sister Sackley!
Him: Hello! Do you want to baptize some people?
Me: Umm... of course we do.
Him: Well perfect. We have a family that has an 8 year old and an 11 year old. Their dad is a member but hasn't attended church in years. Their mom is not a member. The bishop just got a call from their grandpa, who is an active member, saying that the grandkids want to be baptized. The grandpa said he got a call from his son this week saying that his kids wanted to be members. So he told his son that they needed to meet with the missionaries and gain testimonies and go through the whole process. And his son said, "we'll do whatever we have to do". So go baptize them!
Me:................................................... what.
Him: You heard me.
Me:................. This isn't a bad april fool's joke or something... right?!
Him: I wouldn't be that mean!
Him: Yes....
so it's taken just about the whole week to get in contact with the family, but we finally have an appointment set up for this week. We're beyond excited. Pray for the Callicoat family. God works in mysterious ways and we are excited to help them come closer to Christ. The day we got the call we had worked ridiculously hard, and had seen nothing come of it. Our prayers aren't always answered how we want, but God's plan is better than anything I could have even dreamed of.
Love ya!
Sister Mal

Tina-- the less active i wrote about a couple weeks ago. She's heading out of town for the next couple weeks and since we don't know about transfers yet we said goodbye yesterday. she cried and said, "my love for you two is eternal!" she's precious. we love her

coooookies. it was a good day.

death by sister olson. i came out of the bathroom and this is what she had done to the apartment in about 30 seconds.

the bugs get crazier each day!!

thanks mom and bailey!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

week 24

John broke my heart this week. We'll keep it short, because it's depressing, but he called to inform us that he doesn't want to be baptized right now. He knows it's what he needs to do, he's received his answer from God, but he doesn't feel like he can do it at this time. We will continue working with him in the future, things are just put on hold. Thank you for all the prayers!
This transfer Sister Olson and I have had to see two of our sisters that we are over go home for health challenges. It's been quite the eye-opening experience. Last night as we talked with one on the phone (she goes home later this week), we asked if she felt like she had done all she could. She responded with a firm, "yes, I really feel like I have".
I went to sleep last night thinking a lot about that. Have I done all I can? 
I woke up this morning and found a journal entry from the day before I entered the MTC. In it I had wrote the advice that was given to me at my setting apart. Each piece of advice touched me, but Tai Tanuvasa's really stuck out to me. 
He said, "Remember that God is the teacher. Just like you were once my piano teacher, and I didn't always do my homework and practicing, you still worked with me. God is the same, you have to do all you can and then He will work with you".
Amen Tai. Amen. 
I will continue to do all I can and trust in the Lord to make up the difference, because He truly is the ultimate teacher. This is His work, and I am blessed to be a small part of it.
Love you all!
Sister Mal

shoe shopping last monday with sister wilkenson. she's the best!

throw back to south tampa days... me hanging with eric jeune and rehnaya. my favorite haitian children ever. sis judkins just sent this to me

random lamb family

a HUGE thunder storm came in this week. this is one of 5 trees that we found that day that were struck by lightening in our neighborhood. God is forcing me to get over my fear of storms.

Oh i love her!

Happy 4th!