Monday, January 4, 2016

week 48

two stories for the week:

The story of Miss Ashley:
Four months ago I was sitting in the hospital with Sister Huber when I got a text from Sister Harper. She had been in the mission field for less than a week and I had sent her out with another brand new missionary. The text explained that a young man in the ward had brought a friend to mutual named Ashley and she's planning to come to church on Sunday. I was so proud of my little trainee and I was excited to meet Ashley. Over the next month we started meeting with her and it went from her being interested in the social aspects of the church to her truly being interested in the church. We met with her for four months and watched the changes happen in her. She was baptized and confirmed yesterday and her mom was so touched by the spirit that was there. We are planning to keep working with her mom. After the baptism, Ashley came up to us and hugged us both and said, "Thank you! I couldn't have done any of this without you!" It was touching to see how the Lord worked through us to help Ashley change. I love that sweet girl.

The story of the Sister going home:
We went to do an apartment inspection this last week of a trio where two of the three sisters are going home. Their apartment looked great, but one of the sisters did not. She proceeded to tell me that she was not proud of the last 18 months and she was trying to make it all up in her last week. My mouth literally dropped as I have served around this sister for the majority of my mission and I have seen her do MANY great things. So I pulled out a chair and told her to stand on it. She looked at me like I was crazy and I told her to stand on it again. She finally did so. 

I asked her, What is the biggest thing that you are proud of that has changed over the last 18 months? She said one thing. I asked, what else? And she looked at me like one was more than enough! She finally started listing things off. 

I asked, "Are you proud of the last 18 months?" She still said, "No, I'm not"

So we continued. "Sister- tell me about one moment on your mission that you wanted to shout for joy". She told me one... and then I asked for another and another and another. 

I asked again, "Are you proud of the last 18 months?" She said, "Ummm... yes? Nope. I'm not"

So then I asked, "If you came out here to just touch one persons life who would it be?" She then couldn't pick. She told of a couple different stories where she had the opportunity to be an instrument for the Lord in changing others lives. 

I asked, one last time, "Are you proud of the last 18 months?"

She yelled, "YES! I am proud of them".

Sometimes missionaries are like less actives, you just have to help them remember the spirit they have felt. I'll miss these sisters, but I am so happy for all that they have taught me. 

We are each an instrument in the Lord's hands, we just need to figure out what He needs us to do.

Love you all!
Sister Mal

p.s. Transfers come tonight!

This is the grandson of Tina Parker- he got a recliner for christmas and came into the room in the middle of the lesson and started snoring. he's four.

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