Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 80


I don't even know what to say. I have just read Log's last email home and my heart is full. I really can't believe I am sitting on this end of the experience. Just like Logan, this will be my last email home as I have trainings and exit interviews next week.

I can't say the smallest part of how I feel in this moment, but I have been thinking a lot about myself two years ago. When Logan left on his mission, I had made up my mind not to serve, but as I hugged him goodbye he said, "See you in the field," and it made me think again. Now, I can't even comprehend what life would be like if I hadn't met all these wonderful, incredible people in Florida. 

Just before I left, Mat Kearney's Oregon song came out and I remember Mom saying that I could sing it as I came home. Well, I literally haven't thought about that song in 18 months, and we were driving down the road this week and it popped into my mind, "I'm coming home to a place that I remember, back to the land that I first loved, would you spread wide your arms for this way-ward son? I left my heart in Oregon". Just as quickly as it came to my mind, I started to sing a hymn to kick it out and then I realized how false the last statement is. My heart is stuck in Florida and is refusing to leave.

These last six weeks have been rough, to say the least. Not what I expected or wanted for my last transfer, but this week I realized it's what I needed. In my last interview with President Cusick he said to me, "If you were to go home today, you should be satisfied with the work you have done. The Lord is so proud of you." I thought, "Ummm President, I STILL HAVE SEVEN WEEKS! I'm not done!" But like I said, a lot of unexpected things have happened, and it's been hard. I've realized the Lord knew I was going to have a really hard time leaving this place, and all these experiences I have had, so the end needed to remind me that the mission isn't meant to last forever. It's been humbling and eye opening.

This email could last forever and ever, but no one has time for that. It's not over, just merely beginning. I'm excited to use the skills I have acquired with what lays ahead... also terrified out of my mind. But I know one thing won't change...

"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life".

The people might change, but I am still a servant of the Savior and if there is ANYTHING I have learned these last 18 months, it's how incredibly grateful I am for the Savior and his infinite sacrifice for me. I feel beyond blessed that I have been able to serve.

Sister Mallory Sackley

Peacocks!! look on top of the white van

They were shedding all their tails

The smiling lion. We taught the lady that lives here for a bit on the exchange.

Exchanging with Sister Martin 
and Felt! 

We went back with our old comps for the day.

Plenty of pizza and cookie dough was ate this week

more pizza ...

Doug. I love this man. Literally, he is one of my absolute favorite people.


This family. I really can't even begin to explain how incredible they are. This is the Henry's. He's the bishop of the LoL ward. They are going to be gone the next couple weeks, so I got a picture with them. They are amazing and basically perfect.

Florida grasshoppers!

Back to the very beginning... love this girl!

Saying goodbye to old comps!

Love them both!

It's getting really hot here. We have plastic melting in our car.

Sister Blanchard is done, but is happy about the tan lines.

Remember that one time we almost got struck by lightning?? Literally everyday it hits closer and closer to me. If I make it home alive, it will be a miracle.

Knocking on mansions!

Well we aren't Jehovahs!