Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 75


Here's a short letter because I'm just not feeling it today. To start, I am still in Land O Lakes with Sister Sutton, but we also have a new sister with us!

Hello to Sister Blanchard: 19, Elizabeth, Colorado and she's ready to work. Brand new missionary, but the whole ward thinks she's been out for just under a year. She's been charged with the responsibility to take over the area at the end of this transfer. She is a sponge and is seriously soaking in everything we have to tell her. God knew she could handle it, and she's going to do great. 

Goodbye to the Cusicks! I have felt very blessed to have served close to them for the past 14 months. It's an opportunity that most missionaries don't get, and I can't even tell you how many things they have taught me. I will forever be grateful for them and the impact they have had on my life. From learning what meaningful prayer is, to the power in exact obedience, to the importance of using handbooks to how to properly set a table, (editor's note - she must not have been listening when her mother taught her :-) and so much more. I feel prepared for life. I will miss them greatly. 

Missions are full of hellos and goodbyes, but the longer I am here the harder the goodbyes get. One of the assistants said this week, "Thank the Lord for the relationships that you have made and look forward to the relationships that are to come". That's the motto for the week. We will meet President and Sister Cooper on Friday. Here's to changes!

Sister Mal

So many goodbyes this week ...

 President Cusick, me and Sister Cusick

President Cusick and me

The Wilsons (he's in the mission presidency) 

Sister Tollerton (she's the mission secretary

The classic metro picture. It never gets old.

Sister Blanchard on her first and second nights - BLISTERS! 

 Sister Sutton was off with another sister missionary so Sister Blanchard and I went to USF

 Florida bugs

 Another gator. He was little this time.

 The skies here never get old.

 The metro group

 All these birds have found a home right outside our apartment.

Herbie this morning! We haven't seen him in months so this was a happy day!

The Andersons. Serving us chocolate chip cookies.

 Mission conference on the beach!

Week 74


So much has happened this week, I've decided to just send you a million pictures home. I had an interview with President Cusick last night and it looks like Sister Sutton and I will be finishing our missions together in Land O Lakes, but we'll be receiving a new sister. 

Doug was baptized, and I can't even describe how amazing of a day it was. He was confirmed on Sunday and also received the priesthood. Great things are ahead for him.

We met a lot of crazy people this week.

Time is flying fast. Way way too fast.

Love you all
Sister Mal
Sneaky pictures of Doug

The Wilkinson family!! We love them. He is our WML.

Alyssa - she was baptized in January

Sister Cox! These members have truly become family.
Crazy lady gave us "Mormon clothes" and these juicy boots... they are from 2006, never been worn and still have the receipt in the box. One day I'll explain more of the story :)

Doug's been telling us ALL week that he is going to give us a bear hug at the baptism... we told him, NO! handshakes only. He wasn't having it.

DOUG IS BAPTIZED! and boy was it a spirit filled happy day :) 

We see this little bird family every morning. The babies have grown so much!

He showed up one evening. We call him Franswa. 

This was outside of someone's garage this week... it had a hornet's nest inside it's mouth. So gross.

Florida caterpillars

Tyrone the snake. We hate him. 

Reunited with John and Sister Olson. He told us he's going to be endowed in December in Florida or January in Utah. We are SO pumped.

Miss Brielle

The weirdest drink we got from a crazy lady this week.
Turtle outside the church... he started coming out of his shell and i freaked out.

Hot days. Summer go away!

The LLoyd boys - more of the priests.

Spencer - he's one of the priests we've been working with.

Brielle. one of our WML's daughters

Meili, she's playing with legos in a princess dress with a piece of bacon in her lap. She's perfect. (One of our WMLs daughters)