Thursday, September 3, 2015

week 29

Hello family!!
So this week was just dandy. First off: Jaylen is doing so well. We talked all about the word of wisdom last night and he said, "I've never had coffee or tea in my life, so I think we're all good". He's golden. We're pumped for him. Pray that he can receive answers to his prayers. 
We went to two zone conferences this week... out of pure luck. We live a very good life here in Wesley Chapel :) but anyways, President shared this story at both and I am going to butcher it so you should probably google it to find the real thing. But it basically went like this:
One night a man awoke and Christ appeared to him. Christ told the man that there was a large rock outside his home that he needed to push. The next day the man pushed and pushed, but it just didn't seem to budge. He did this day after day with no such luck. Years went by and discouragement set in. He began listening to the advesary and thinking he was doing no good. One night, he cried out in frustration asking Christ why the rock won't be moved. In response, Christ said, "When I asked you to serve me, you accepted. I did not ask that you move the rock, but rather you push it! Your calling was to be obedient and to push the rock". Christ went on to expalin to the man, how the man had changed over the process. He was strong and had a firm determination. Christ then said to him, "I will now move the rock ". 
This story struck me. We have to exercise faith to move mountains, but we must recognize that Christ will move the mountain. The Lord is creating us to be the servant He needs us to be, not who we want to be. But really, go google the story, because I'm sure google can tell it better than me :) I love this work.
Sister Mal

happy hour at sonic on a 105 degree day! it's moments like these that i thank the Lord I'm still in the states :)

crazy storms. i'm just about ready for storm season to be over! but i don't think i'll ever get over these clouds!!

my fav apartment to knock in... mad it looks just like the ivy!

this guy gave us a cup filled with ice water because he could tell we were sweating so bad.... 

sister olson forgot her nametag after changing one night after dinner... because we were so sweaty. IT'S BEEN SO HOT THIS WEEK

President called us one day at 4:30 and told us to meet him for dinner at 5 at chilis :) we are so lucky. it just happened to be my 7 month mark as well. I LOVE THIS AREA. we may have been covered in sweat and looked frightening... but it was fabulous

air mattresses came in the mail yesterday for when we go on exchanges... so we decided to have a sleepover in our spare bedroom and try them out.

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