Thursday, September 3, 2015

week 30

Hello family!

Sooooooooo-- transfers.
Sackley, Mallory....... Stay and train

Sister Olson is headed out and we are just a tad bit sad over here,
but we aren't dwelling on it. Mainly because Sister Olson turns 20
tomorrow, so we're trying to enjoy our last couple days together. We
have had a splendid 18 weeks together and it looks like it's time for
this chapter to end. I just pray that my new trainee is just as
wonderful as Sister Olson!

But since she's leaving me, I've been thinking a lot about what she
has taught me over the past three transfers. From the very beginning,
she realized that I am not sympathetic and my communication skills
need serious improvement... So she took it upon herself to change me.
Sister Olson is one of the most caring people I've ever met. She truly
cares about everyone she meets and is real good at the whole sympathy
thing. I can think of countless times that when she was upset or
frustrated she would say to me, "Dont you dare say to me, 'What are we
going to do about it? What can we change?' I just want you to listen
to me". She kept me inline and helped me understand what it means to
offer help out of love instead of offering help just to solve the
problem. And by doing so, I feel like I've learned to love the people
we encounter every day. She's taught me so much. We communicate openly
and the second there is a problem, it's brought to the table. She's
honest and loving, and because of it, she's got the world at her
finger tips. I'm grateful I could spend some time learning from her
greatness. I feel so blessed with every companion I have had, can we
pray they just keep coming??

Jaylen update: we went over yesterday and he is doing so well. He
wants to be baptized to be able to follow Christ for the rest of his
life. It's so cool to hear him talk about long term as he recognizes
this truly is changing his whole life. Every time we ask him a
question like, "how would you feel to be able to have the Holy Ghost?
Or how would you like to live with your family forever?" Or anything
like that, his response is always, "Blessed". I think that sums it up
perfectly. We are SO blessed. He needs lots of prayers this week as he
is now having family members question the decision he is making. Pray
for Jaylen!!

Love you all!
Sister Mal


the whole family! They are seriously my favorite (the de Oliveiras) 

this was my miracle to president this week: So last Monday, I decided not to bring water because we weren't going to be out for very long. We headed out, and by the time we had an hour left in our night, I was dying of thirst. Normally I would just be a big girl and ask someone to fill my water bottle, but I didn't even have that to offer. I prayed SO hard that someone would offer us water.... The hour went by and still nothing. The last house we knocked on, we talked to the guy for awhile and he wasn't interested, but then he offered us ice tea. Immediately I thought, "faith without works is dead, you have to ask for the water!" So I asked... He came out with four water bottles. God answers even our smallest pathetic pleas for water. 

setting up dinner for the departing missionaries at the mission home.

sister olson just wanted an ice cream cake for her birthday... so her mom sent money so we could get a DQ ice cream cake. we have 48 hours to eat it all before transfers... WE CAN DO IT!!! hahaha

we set up our new air mattresses in the spare room for a sleepover!

we pass this every week on our 40 minute drive to church hahahah

 The Nielsens! a couple in our ward that lives next door to the other sisters. they are the best

Monica and Kasey Hess-- our WML. They are the most incredible people. I don't think we would survive without them. 

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