Monday, September 28, 2015

week 32

other titles that could have worked for this week are:
-schedules keep you sane
-it's NOT about the numbers
-the bathroom is the only place you can be alone
-"it's not your day to have a mental breakdown"
welp folks. it's been a hard LONG week, not going to lie.
I'm not even quite sure how to sum it all up. But 4 of the nights I spent sleeping on a hospital couch and the other 3 were with a different companion other than Sister Harper. All six sisters in Tampa 2 were companions at one point or another this week and our brains are FRIED because of it. 
here's a short summary of what happened: Sister Huber and I were put together on Tuesday morning to train at a district meeting together. After the district meeting, we spent the afternoon going around to different doctors to have tests done. That night she was admitted into the hospital and I spent the next 48 hours in the hospital with her. Our trainees were off taking on the world togehter- and killing it might I add. Sister Huber has been in the hospital all week and so we've all been taking shifts. It's been a tad bit of pure insanity and a little hard, not going to lie. 
BUT. Last Sunday, we were really struggling, as missionaries, to be unified in working with the ward. We were all running around trying to get the referrals and basically wanted to kill each other last Sunday. But this week, we were forced to all work together like crazy. Everyone taught everyone's investigators. We truly learned that these people are not "my people" or "your people" but they are the Lord's people and we have the joy of working with them. It's been a humbling week and a hard one. But we are united and yesterday was fabulous because of it. The ward can tell we are working together and things are changing. Sister Huber should be released today and all should be well.
Multiple times this week, I was left alone without a companion... whether it was because Sister Huber was taken off to have tests done or President told me to go home and shower, I was solo multiple times. It was STRANGE and slightly terrifying, however I felt the Lord guiding me and protecting me throughout it all. I'm running on barely any sleep and dealing with an apartment full of emotional sisters-- but we're having fun and becoming great friends as we do it. 
Here's to getting back to schedules and the missionary life, I've missed it.
Sister Mal

switching the IVs

Craziest week ever

How many sisters does it take for it to work?

when you gotta go...

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