Monday, September 28, 2015

week 33

this week I learned the power of those two sentences. 

it's been a week of recovery, but things are going much better. i have found myself becoming frustrated over very small things and at one point I had a distinct impression to just take a slice of humble pie and say, "I was wrong and I am sorry". and holy cow, those are powerful sentences. 

growing up dad would ALWAYS say to us, "Life's not fair". And guess what, that is so stinking true. It's the farthest thing from fair. And although I might try as hard as I can to make it fair, it's just not the way God planned it to be while we are here. But you know what? everything that is wrong about life can be made right through the atonement. But the only way we can access the atonement is by repenting.

"There is no royal road to repentance, no privelileged path to forgiveness. Every man must follow the same course whether he be rich or poor, educated or untrained, tall or short, prince or pauper, king or commoner" -President Spencer W. Kimball

There is no easy way out, but through the atonement our burdens truly become lighter and a little easier. I think it's a lesson I will continue to learn for the rest of my life. 

We met a man this week named Isaac Williams. His wife died four years ago and he told us about how life's not fair and he wants to make sure he lives the same life as his wife because heaven wouldn't be heaven without her. He doesn't want to live a greater life than her because if he does, she might not make it to where he goes! A valid concern... but as we bore testimony of the plan of salvation and how God's plan is greater than anything we can imagine, tears came to his eyes. He couldn't even believe what we had to tell him. We've seen him twice and we plan to see him again tonight. Everything that is unfair about life is made right through the atonement of Christ. EVERYTHING. Jesus is the Christ and no one is exempt from His sacrifice.

Love you!
Sister Mal

Hermione taking a nap.

fake squirrels in the new fake neighborhoods that are going up in wesley chapel. picture edward scissor hands neighborhoods... or the little fakeville on big fish. those are the neighborhoods we work in 

Thanks mom! 

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