Tuesday, August 18, 2015

week 28

First off- it's been raining non stop. Floods are happening left and right and our weather alert system goes off in the middle of the night... we play in puddles all day and contact EVERYONE on the streets.... which is basically no one. We're having a blast though.
Second: So yesterday I walk into the chapel after ward council. Sister Olson and I start talking to people. In the midst of a conversation, I turned and scanned the back of the congregation. I recognized a couple sitting up front that I didn't recognize. The woman turned and I thought, "Woah. She looks JUST like my aunt Leanne". Then I continued to scan the crowd, but looked back at her and noticed she was starring at me. This time I thought, "Seriously! They could be twins!!" And in that moment, the man turned. UNCLE DIXON. I literally died. My phone dropped open and I just started crying. I ditched my companion and ran up to the front. I was so confused, but oh so happy to see them! It was great having them join us for church yesterday. I was extremely grateful and VERY happy. Thank you Uncle Dixon and Aunt Leanne :)
Third: Story of the week!! About two weeks ago we prayed with a couple named Mark and Kathy. They are heavily Catholic, but no one can turn away prayer, so they happily let us pray with them. As we started talking to them, they told us about her dad who had cancer. We prayed for him very specifically, and she was grateful when we left. About 99.9% of the time, we don't see anyone after the first time we pray with them. Especially, when they are as dedicated to their religion as these two were.
So just this last week, we went to teach this boy named Chase. He's in his 20's. (More on him another day). But when we show up, his mom says to us, "I just want to tell you girls that you prayed with my friend Kathy the other day. You prayed for her dad who they thought had pancreatic cancer. Well I talked with Kathy a couple days ago and she wanted me to tell you that it turns out he doesn't have it! She is SO grateful for your prayer". 
President often tells us that people will never forget the prayer that the mormon missionaries said for them. And I've thought, "Well yeah, because it's not every day someone knocks on your door and offers to pray for you!" But this week I came to understand the full meaning of that statement. We talk with a lot of people and pray a lot each day, but hardly ever have the opportunity to know what comes of it. It was an eye opening experience and it helped us better understand just how powerful prayer truly is. God lives and He hears your prayers!
Love you all!
Sister Mal
P.S. The family talked about last week? We went back and the dad gave us a sermon. It was insanity. Needless to say, we are no longer teaching them. We've prepped them a little bit more for missionaries in the future :)

shark biker life!
one of the funnier moments of my life

Oh happy day! Leanne and Dixon!!

hermione went to the doctor today! 

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