Monday, March 2, 2015

week 6 (that one time when...)

this week was insane. and was filled with so many insane moments. so lets just do a little recap called "that one time when...."

-we were walking out of downtown and passed a park, filled with army men. with machine guns. in a circle. not exactly sure what was happening there!
-we forgot a Book of Mormon at home, and didn't realize it until 5 minutes before the appointment. We sprinted home and sprinted back. Only to realize she wasn't there. 
-due to that run in salt water sandals, I ended up with blisters galore. Including one the size of a silver dollar on the ball of my foot. it was AWESOME.
-we soaked our feet in an icy bathtub and ate chocolate while watching mormon messages- our idea of a girls night :)
-we started teaching a random man in Panera Bread this week. In the midst of talking to him he reached out and touched my forehead. it was very very strange. 
-we ate hot dogs down by the bay!
-we lived on cinnamon toast all week long. 
-Sister Kitchen touched dog poop on a run this week. I died laughing.
-a random member paid for pizza for 6 sisters. I love people here.
-went to a very interesting latino wedding that included more food than I have seen in a long time and some seriously good music. It took every ounce of me not to get up and dance to Taylor Swift.
-attended 3 INCREDIBLE baptisms
-we spent two full days with an apostle of the Lord. He's my new favorite... is that allowed?
-found mini on-the-go toothbrushes in our car on our way to listen to Elder Zwick talk-- we think God knew we needed fresh breath to hear from one of the Seventy.
-we had to share an experience during the zone conference this past week, and because of it Elder Zwick wrote Sister Kitchen and my name in his Preach My Gospel. We felt so cool.
-we texted Elder Zwick about what we wanted to hear from him. He told us he loves us :) His attention to detail is incredible. We've seen him 3 times in the past week and he remembers us everytime. He's awesome.
-we were trying to go visit a former investigator, but got lost, and ended up on the west side at sunset. Basically God loves us and we did some contacting at a park so we could enjoy all the beauty.
-It rained HARD this week. We got soaked multiple times. We had just gone home and changed and we were maybe two blocks away from home when I stepped on what I thought was sand and instead sank right into the ground. I fell into the street, like to my knees. It was hysterical.
-Sister Sutton and I had to go pick up our companions this week but we got lost trying to get there.... and ended up in Ybor City at 8:30 at night. On day one of my mission I was told to avoid Ybor at all costs possible. Let's just say that was an interesting drive, and we prayed hard the whole time. God protected us. all is well :)

It was hectic and crazy, but life seriously is so good here. At one point when things got really insane, I turned to Sister Kitchen and said, I just don't know whether to laugh or cry! We've discovered that laughing really is the best cure. Also Elder Zwick said multiple times this week, "Go Vertical for Help!" That's become our new little motto. Go vertical. It's easier and the Lord knows so much more than we do.

I love you all!
Sister Mal

the army guys.

contacting in downtown-- there are funky seats everywhere

the blister... i have more- but this was the main one.

after we sprinted home to get it-- she wasn't even home! dang it.

sometimes you just need chocolate, mormon messages, and an ice bath for your feet.

texts from Elder Zwick! 

we LOVE bayshore. you're going to have to deal with these pictures every week probably. sorry. it was SUPER muggy and foggy this week.
please enjoy that lovely face. you can thank sis kitchen for this. we eat cinnamon toast all day every day. its what keeps us happy.

the toothbrushes that God gave to us.

that one time i fell INTO the street. not in the street. my legs went through the ground.


  1. Oh no! It appears I was not the only one who warned you about Ybor City... And you survived! One for the journals. Now try to avoid that again. Ha! Keep up the great work.

  2. Elder Zwick spoke in my mission I'll never forget him!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗 you are doing amazing things. Xo