Monday, February 23, 2015

week 5

two stories for you this week:

Singing to an investigator.
Yeah. That happened. Sister Sutton and I were teaching a lesson to an investigator this week and all of the sudden in the middle of the lesson he asked us to sing to him. TO SING TO HIM. We just about died. But the spirit was saying do it and you can't just not... so we sang Nearer My God to Thee. I swear on my life, my voice didn't come out of me. It truly was a miracle of God. 

Invite to be baptized?
Yesterday Sister Kitchen and I were headed to meet with some former investigators. On the way we met a lady sitting outside who wanted to hear all about what we had to say. That was a miracle in and of itself. We taught her the first lesson on the spot. It was a super awesome experience and she was totally loving everything we had to say to her, it was incredible. So then as the lesson is wrapping up I have the impression to invite her to be baptized- like we are suppose to do. But it was at an awkward spot of the lesson and yeah... I just thought, next time! 

So we leave.

And then we start talking. And we both realized that we should have invited her to be baptized. So I'm like- WE GOT TO GO BACK! So we did. I marched straight up to her, told her I forgot to ask her the most important question of all, and asked her if she'd be baptized. We talked for a couple more minutes but then she agreed. I was literally jumping up and down after we left. I was so excited.

Moral of the stories? Listen to the spirit no matter how weird, strange, odd or hard what it is that it is telling you to do. Listen and follow, and you will always be grateful you did. The Lord will help us if we submit ourselves to Him.

This work is incredible. Sometimes I wonder why it took me 2 years to make the decision, because I can't imagine being any other place doing any other work right about now. The church is true! :)

Love you!
Sister Mal

P.S. Elder Zwick from the seventy came  this last week and we've been having/ will continue to be having conferences with him. It's been a super cool experience. He has been talking to us all about how the iPads that we have are the Lord's way of hastening the work. He's completely changed my viewpoint on ipads. And now every companionship has two. I'm excited to hear more from him this next week! He spoke in April general conference-- look it up, its a really great talk!

love me some tampa
we got SOAKED to the bone one night. and my umbrella broke. and a car hit a puddle and soaked us. and sister sutton and i laughed the entire time. we truly are "cheerfully doing all things that lie in our power"

riding through mud puddles.... we laughed for a solid 10 minutes about this one.

weekly planning- thanks for the chocolate mad. it helped us survive.

reason #783 why sister kitchen is my favorite. she does leeps during weekly planning

that bayshore life though. we spend so much time riding and running along this. i just love it

the brick of Mormon!

this is our friends avery and maddie. they were great cheerleaders for us
pinewood derby! they do it as a ward here. ours was "the brick of mormon" and it had cards taped all around it. the elders was their minivan that they drive. they won twice and we won once... but the ward loves the sisters, so the elders were "disqualified" hahaha

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