Monday, March 16, 2015


Well friends and family.

Transfer calls are here. 

I'm training.

I've been out 6 weeks. 

I'm officially the little train at the bottom of the hill, I'm huffing and puffing and terrified. But I keep saying to myself, I think I can! I think I can! Bless this new sister's heart. Basically we'll be training each other. 

But since Sister Kitchen left me this week, and I am beyond sad about that. I've been thinking a lot about what she personally has taught me about the mission in just our short 6 weeks together. 

The first thing I ever heard her say was, "Don't freak out". And let me tell you, she never let me. It was great. She kept me focused and calm. She helped me set things aside and recognize that I couldn't change what was out of my circle of influence. She kept me in my circle. 

She taught me to laugh when all I wanted to do was cry. I will spend the rest of my life thanking her for that one.

Sister Kitchen taught me truly how fun a mission can and should be. She taught me how to work hard while also having the time of my life. She taught me how to find the perfect balance and truly enjoy the journey.

She taught me about Chocolate Trinity... the best ice cream in the world. She taught me how to love sweets and how to run hard the next morning.

She taught me how to love the members, the investigators, the less-actives, the other missionaries, the random man on the street that yells at us, and everyone else. 

She taught me just how short a mission truly is and how to stay in the moment.

She taught me to face my fears dead on, time and time again. She wouldn't let me get away with anything. She made me do things that I didn't want to do, and oh how grateful I am for that.

She taught me to live by faith and how to teach by the spirit.

Basically, I have NO idea what to do without her. And I just hope I can be half of as amazing as she was to me. The Lord knew we needed to be together for her last transfer, and I'm so glad that I got to be her companion before she went home.

Pray for my trainee this week. Heaven knows she will need it!

Love you all!
Sister Mal

Norman rockwell- ALL of the saturday posts covers. there was a ton more. it was awesome.

norman rockwells paintings were in town this week. we went for the rest of our pday last week. it was AWESOME.

also fidelity sponsored it... shout out to you dad!

tampa love!!

the trees engulf the streets here... like way more than home. the trees are awesome. i just love it.

booker. my favorite person on earth. we're teaching him right now. he's the sweetest man ive ever met in my life.

our favorite sign
this is the senior couple that lives downstairs from us... they are our FAVORITE. 
 living room sleepover!!

waffle house with the Lewis' this morning! They are my favorite family. Bro Lewis is the ward mission leader and they always take the missionaries here the morning they leave.


Saying Goodbye to Sister Kitchen and also Sister Brough. We will miss them :(

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  1. Tampa love is right! And Waffle House... amazing! My heart & arteries are clogging just thinking about their delicious Patty Melt. You will be an incredible Trainer! Way to go!