Thursday, March 12, 2015

week 7 "it's the best message you could share"

can i just say... waiting 10 days for a pday with daylight savings and then waking up at 4 am to go to the temple is hard. like im a zombie. but yay for emails!!!

It's been a crazy week filled with meetings and trainings. We even ended up in Orlando this morning! We went to the temple and it was incredible. Sister Kitchen takes off on Monday and words can't even begin to describe how sad I will be. I'm trying to convince her to serve back-to-back missions, she won't have it though. Transfers come Saturday!

Quotes for the week from two of our investigators:
"I read the book. And it is so good. The Book of Mormon is SO good. You know how you said it helps bring families together? Well even for me, as an individual, it brings all the pieces in my life together. The Book of Mormon brings me so much peace. It's the best message you could share. God is good" 

"My preacher told me to stop meeting with you two, but I told my preacher, 'You can't tell me what to do!!' And I just love having y'all over too much!"

"I can't find anything wrong with what you believe. And trust me, I've tried hard looking for things! But you two just bring the best spirit, I can't find anything wrong with your church!"

All of these might have been followed by Sister Sackley doing a little happy dance, but it truly is an incredible experience when someone else starts to feel the power of God in their life. And it's even more powerful when they recognize what the restored gospel can do for them. Day and day again I just feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to be able to share the message with people. It truly is "the best message you could share". Before I left, I don't think I realized how much I took the gospel for granted. My eyes have been opened, and I'm so grateful they have.

Love you all!
Sister Mal

ps: Bails is the REALIST.

seriously-- we are so lucky. the stocks (the people who live on their boat) live the greatest life ever. one day i want to be them.

this is ivory-- she reminds me a lot of brooklyn woodley- her dad is even the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and they have 4 boys and one girl. she drew up pictures this week. we love her.

that one time walgreens had a 2 for 5 bucks sale. we bought matching shirts. 

the city from a less actives house... it was a super pretty view

we taught a lesson over the phone, in the candy isle this week. it was awesome. we were also talking loud enough that the whole store probably learned about the plan of salvation. ooops? not so much.

florida has the COOLEST birds ever. i chase them everywhere. this is just one of my favorites. 

sunburnt and its only march... my poor skin is going to die.

the coolest flowers ever... they are super fuzzy

zone meeting! featuring our new neighbors- the McAra's. they are the best! They just got home from a mission in Sydney Australia and are the newest missionaries of the tampa mission

we're 4 year old girls that dress alike on a daily basis.... it got a little out of hand today especially 

we're a little too tall for these poor sisters

all the missionaries that came to the temple this morning!

it was a long day for us all.

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