Tuesday, March 31, 2015

week 10


PEPE TANUVASA. IM LITERALLY FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. IM SO STOKED. LIKE I SCREAMED IN THE LIBRARY AND EVERYONE IS STARING AT ME. but really. You've officially been called to the best mission on earth and I CAN'T WAIT for you to join me out here! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :)

To everyone else.... 

Because all the hobos are on the computers at the library today... I don't have a lot of time! But it's all good. Here's a little story for your week!

The Tampa mission is starting what we are calling, "A Vacation from Cars" for the next two weeks. Basically the cars are parked and there are very few exceptions to when we can drive... or in other words- bring on the tan!! 

But we've been low on miles this month, so we've already been biking a ton this past week. We were leaving an appointment and headed to the church and we realized we were running late. So we were biking hard, and it was HOT. We stopped at a stop sign and I turned to Sister Judkins and just started laughing. We were hot, so sweaty, and we were both struggling to properly ride a bike in a skirt. As we were laughing hysterically at the corner, a man road past us on a bike and said, "Are you mormons!?" To which we responded, "YES!" 

He turned around and said, "I could tell by the smiles!"

We talked to him for a little bit and he told us that he can always spot a Mormon by the smiles and that he had met with missionaries probably 20 years ago in Hawaii. We didn't talk long, and he wasn't too interested in meeting with the missionaries again... but clearly a simple smile can go a long way. 

We are continually told that we need to make sure we look sharp and presentable, but in a moment of stress, sweat and craziness, a smile ended up going a long way.

Love all of you... but Pepe most because he's coming THIS WAY! :)
Sister Mal

let's call this week the week where EVERY picture my mouth is open and my eyes are wide. i'll work on better faces in the future :)

mad's package. you're the bomb.com

this is ballast point park- basically our favorite place to go contacting

the bug bites are getting real. bug spray is no joke here. 

leap it out. don't freak out. thank you sister kitchen

we had a leadership meeting on the beach this week... but ended up pouring within a half hour of being there. DANG IT. so i have no pictures of the beach, except for us leaving.... just picture teal waters and WHITE sand. it was beautiful.

"god is in control" thank you random church for making my day better.

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