Tuesday, April 7, 2015

week 11

Before my mission, every night at the dinner table, I would make the family go around and say what their "Go world" moment of the day was. A "Go world" moment is when the stars allign and everything seems perfect and you just want to scream GO WORLD!

Well since being on my mission, I've changed it to "THE CHURCH IS TRUE".

For example: Pepe getting his mission call to Tampa (which I am still freaking out about) 

Well this week had plenty of ups and downs. But always just when I thought God had forgotten about me, I was proven wrong, again and again.

On Saturday, Sister Judkins and I were not having the best day of our lives. Her bike broke, our appointments fell through, and we were walking forever to try and find a bike shop to be able to make it back to the church to watch conference in time. Well we get her bike fixed but Sister Sackley was still in a grumpy mood and was frustrated and exhausted. 

We get to the church and to make a long story short, end up in the Mother's Lounge trying to watch conference on our ipad. It wouldn't work. We were tired and hungry and we just wanted to listen to the apostles! 

Then out of no where we hear, "Sisters???"

We open the door to find Sister Au, a member of the ward who we already love because she is incredible. She hands us a bag and says, "I was making dinner and just happened to have some leftovers and I had the thought, 'Maybe some missionaries could use dinner!' So I hurried over here!"

I'm not sure if I have ever felt so incredibly grateful in my life. I think I scared her because I broke down in tears of happiness. She was an answer to a unsaid prayer.

We often forget that the Lord answers our prayers through other people. She didn't even know if missionaries would be at the church, but she had a prompting and she acted. And I am so grateful it did. It completely changed our attitudes and reminded us truly of how the Lord is watching out for us.

In that moment, I truly wanted to scream, "THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!" God hears us even when we don't pray. He knows our hearts and He knows exactly how to help us.

I love you all
but Pepe most still.

Sister Mal

soo my camera memory card was stolen this week.... in other words, i've been using the ipad. and i will be spending money from my card to buy another memory card... fyi dad.

you probably can't even tell- but we got caught in a down pour last night. we ended easter with dancing in the rain

bayshore selfies for the win. we've been biking HARD all week.

I FOUND VICKI! she's alive and well in florida and now has floral seat covers.

weekly planning ALWAYS involves m&ms

sister chadwick has been sick all weekend... she tried this steaming technique... she thought it worked. we all thought it was hysterical.

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