Tuesday, March 29, 2016

week 62

I feel like every week I have no idea to say, but this week especially, I seem to be drawing a blank.

To start: Sister Huber was sick from Thursday to Sunday. So we were inside a lot. Let's just say there was a lot of cleaning and a lot of reading Jesus the Christ. I love that book! I learned a lot and I especially learned, that I am NOT an inside body. 

We spoke in church on Easter Sunday, which actually went super well. I talked about the atonement and the story of Easter. I can't even explain how much I learned this week. Every single day I was saying to Sister Huber, "Did you know this........?" I have been amazed as to how little I knew regarding those three days in the Savior's life.

One of the days while I was cleaning, I relistened to the most recent Face to Face event for YSAs. If you haven't seen it, you should go watch it! But there is a quote from Sister Carole M. Stephens that says, "Study the life of the Savior long enough to love Him". As I listened to this devotional again, it struck me, as all week long I had been seriously studying the last moments of his life. I was able to recognize that my own testimony of the resurrection has grown and of the reality of His life. I'm not sure if there will ever come a time where I love the Savior "enough" to stop studying his teachings and his life. There is so much to be learned.

While we were sitting on the stand yesterday, two of our investigators, who are sisters, ran up to us to give us Easter cards. I don't think I have talked about them very much. Their names are Priscilla and Mariah and they are super good friends with some girls in the ward. They have come to church and activities for over a year. They attended a baptism last Sunday and at our lesson this last week Priscilla said, "I just want to be baptized already!" Their mom wants them to be able to fully understand and know for themselves before they make the decision. We are hoping that she will give consent sooner, rather then later. They are amazing little girls. I'll send pictures next week.

Anyways- back to these easter cards. They were literally the sweetest things I have ever received. It was basically them bearing their testimony to us about how grateful they were that we have been able to help them learn about God and prophets and the Book of Mormon. One of them talked about how grateful she is that we taught her how to repent and helped her to truly be able to feel of God's love. Sister Huber and I both teared up. It was the perfect little card to get on Easter and helped me to better understand MY purpose as a missionary. Christ lived and died and was resurrected for each one of us, but unless we know how to access the atonement, we aren't taking full advantage of it. The restored gospel is people's access to the atonement. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I am especially looking forward to conference next weekend and I hope you are too!

Sister Mal

p.s. sending extra prayers to mom this week! LOVE YOU!

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