Tuesday, March 29, 2016

week 60

So two little miracles for this week: notice they are not coincidences. These are miracles straight from the Lord. There are no such things as coincidences, God doesn't work like that!

Miracle #1: Sister Huber and I were out working in a neighborhood and decided to go and contact some of the formers that neither of us have ever even heard of before. We found this one lady in the area that was a Headquarter referral (meaning she requested something from mormon.org), but she had never been contacted. It was from back in 2010 and we had no clue what she requested.

We knock on her door and she tells us that she requested a Book of Mormon 6 years ago and it never came!! We aren't sure what happened, but she was super curious about it and has wanted to know for the last six years, more about the church. She's also super big into family history and was amazed when we told her about everything the church has access to. It was a little miracle straight from heaven. We are going to meet with her next week.

Miracle #2:Back in October, they took the missionaries out of the area that we now cover. We were given instructions to cover any solid work that the elders left behind. They told us of a Samoan man named Peter who had a date set for baptism, but moved to Alaska a week before his baptism. Well the week the elders moved, Peter moved back to Florida. We tried getting in contact with him, but had no address and no such luck. It was sad, but we prayed that missionaries would find him one day. 

Flashforward to last night: We were in a neighborhood knocking on doors around a less active and about three doors down, this woman answers the door and starts talking to us all about the church. Turns out her dad was a bishop in Samoa and she was raised in the church. Since she was married, her husband often reminds her that she "is no longer mormon" but she loves the church and still has faith. It was really sad. We continued talking with her and she told us that the elders use to come by all the time. We were confused because we had no record of any members living at this house.  We keep talking to her and she tells us that her cousin use to meet with the elders. We ask for her cousins name and she says, "Peter". I felt like everything flashed before my eyes. We compared notes and turns out it was the same Peter. You better believe we're going back this week to get him back on board. We aren't sure what happened, but we're going to find out. And hopefully get the husband of the Samoan lady as well :)

Don't let a miracle pass you by and just think it was a coincidence. God is working wonders in each of our lives, make sure you thank Him for all that He is doing for you. 

Love you!
Sister Mal

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