Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 52

Exchangesssss. They are some of my very favorite things as a missionary. I love working with other sisters for a day. Its so fun to be able to teach them and learn from them. This last week I went out with a sister from Samoa. She is hysterical and humble and one of the greatest missionaries I have ever seen. She has only been out for a couple transfers. I think her name could be found under the definition for faith.

We were in a neighborhood knocking on some doors and I looked at the clock and noticed that we needed to head back to the car to eat our little dinner-to-go in order to get to the next place on time. So I tell this sister and she says, "No... one more Sister Sackley!", points to a house in front of us and just starts going right at it. So I follow.

She knocks on the door and a woman answers. Before we can say anything the woman says, "Come in!" We stood there with our mouths on the ground and she said, "You're here to talk to me about God, right? Well come in!" I was still on the porch as she went and sat on the couch. This NEVER happens!

We sit down and she explains in her broken English that she is from the Dominican Republic and her cousin just passed away that morning. So here I am thinking, "GOLDEN! But how the heck are we going to communicate". We taught the entire plan of salvation on the spot. That in and of itself would have been a huge miracle but the experience just got better and better.

This sister that I was with is still learning english and the woman is speaking spanglish to us. I sat there and listened to the two of them communicate with each other almost flawlessly. I think I was more lost than the two of them. The spirit was SO strong as it truly interpreted the lesson for all of us. I was so impressed with this sister as she just taught by the spirit and didn't let the language barrier stop her. The Holy Ghost really does carry the message to the hearts of those we teach.

Well then we get to the part in the plan where we all die, the woman then goes on to teach US the rest of the plan of salvation and what she believes happens with us once we die. She believes everything we believe, almost exactly. My mouth dropped to the ground again. She thought it was so cool that she's not the only one that believes it! 

I talked to these sisters on the phone last night after they went and saw the woman again and they said, "Well our only problem is, she doesn't feel like she needs to pray about any of it because she already knows it's all true! What do we do?!" BAPTIZE HER SISTERS! BAPTIZE HER!

There were many other experiences that happened while I was on this exchange, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen a sister with so much faith before. She is literally moving mountains. It was a huge eye opener to me. I feel so blessed to be able to work with so many sisters.

The Lord always provides a way, and He trusts His humble, faithful servants. Thank you Sister Gafa.

Sister Mal

thanks mom!

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