Wednesday, February 3, 2016

week 50

i just read log's letter from last week and I would 100% agree with that last sentence... i just want a nap.

this week was pure insanity and I have this sickening feeling that it's a prediction of the rest of the transfer. But I'm happy and it's wonderful, just absolutely insane. 

To sum up the week, I was running all over the Tampa zone with Sister Huber and when I wasn't I was in my area with Sister Felt. It was split about 50/50. But I ended up with 6 different companions and worked in four areas this week. I slept in my own bed half of the time and the other half was on the ground or an air mattress, we are blessed :) plus we have an exciting week in front of us because Elder Kopiscke of the 70 is coming to Tampa for the weekend and is interested in seeing whats been happening in OUR ward. We're pumped.

here's a story for the week: 

I went for 51 weeks without a sit down anti-mormon lesson. But on Thursday, I experienced my very first one. We taught a woman named Michelle about a month ago and she LOVED everything we had to say. Due to holidays and vacations we weren't able to meet with her until this last week. Well we show up and as we enter her house I realized her iPad was all set up ready to show us something and SHE wanted to start off with a prayer. I was hesitant, but agreed. She prayed that the spirit would be with us and we could all be guided to truth together.

alright. i can work with that.

over the next couple minutes she explains everything that has happened and just how upset and terrified she is for us because she received incorrect information. the spirit left and she wasn't trying to prove us wrong, rather, she seemed legitimately worried. we sat and listened. my poor trainee had no idea what was going on. as I prayed earnestly for the spirit to guide my thoughts I immediately thought of a line in my setting apart that simply tells me to testify of the Savior and that in doing so, people will recognize the spirit and listen. 

so I did so. I bore witness of Jesus Christ. That He is my personal Savior and that without Him I am absolutely lost. I told her of the strength and comfort that I have found in my life through relying upon him and I let the spirit guide every word I said. 

In the middle of it, I suddenly had this strange feeling like I needed to hear these words as well. I truly felt like the Lord was working through me and I was listening. The spirit filled the room and Sister Felt then went on to testify. When we left the spirit was in her home and was pulled up on the iPad that had been set up. All was well and all IS well, through Jesus Christ. 

2 Nephi 25:26, "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we prophesy of CHrist, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins". 

Christ is our message.

Love ya!
Sister Mal

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