Friday, July 29, 2016

Week 79

So Thursday I hit the 18 month mark and it just so happened to be the day that Sister Blanchard and I fasted for our ward's 40 day fast (it's where someone from the ward signs up everyday to fast for their own missionary opportunities and for missionary work in the ward). We had a couple BIG lessons planned for that day, so we were really excited to see certain miracles come. Well, this week's theme was humility... and that's just what happened on Thursday. Here's all the miracles that we saw that we weren't planning on, but were pumped to have!

1- We called a recent convert that dropped off the face of the earth 5 months ago, and he met with us that night. He realized he needs the gospel in his life again and is willing to start meeting with us. 
2- We taught another recent convert, and she said, "Sisters, I want you to know, I've decided to serve a mission!" once again- we were shocked and thrilled. 
3- We did family history with Doug and John again and a MASSIVE storm came in... and Sister Sackley does not do well in massive storms. In fact... lightning hit the church building 8 times, and I stayed completely calm. I've officially been in a building that has been struck by lightning. I'm thanking the Lord for lightning rods. 
4- We got a family to commit to coming to church every single week as an entire family, and were finally able to teach them all the restoration. Although they are not ready for baptism, they are willing to attend church. 

As I am typing these out, I realize they don't seem that significant, but I wish I could explain more of the back story with each of them. They were truly miracles. It was a great way to celebrate 18 months of being a missionary. I literally wouldn't trade the last 18 months for anything, as cheesy and ridiculous as that sounds. We still have two full weeks and plenty of more miracles to come!

love you all!
Sister Mal

Sometimes you just want to curl up into a ball and eat a treat...

Taco Tuesdays! I'm doing my best to train her right.

Treats seem to be a common theme here

Exchanges in Odessa

Two of our WML's daughters. They were Sister Sackley for a bit.

One day... ONE DAY she'll be a missionary!

Florida skies. I'll never get tired of them.

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