Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 76

The Cusicks have left and the Coopers are here, and just like everyone had guessed - they are exact opposites. I'm excited for the next couple of weeks. They will definitely be interesting. We are doing our training on Wednesday with the assistants and it sounds like President Cooper will sit in for the day to see what the culture is like. We also have MLC on Friday. It'll be a good week. 

A miracle for the week:
We got a call on Tuesday from a woman, Rosanna, who is from Utah, but was down here visiting. She went to the beach with some friends and ended up meeting a friend of a friend of a friend... How that worked out I don't know. But within a short minute or two Rosanna had discovered that this other woman was a less active member. They struck up a friendship that day and you would think they have been friends forever. Tuesday was Rosanna's last night into town and she wanted us to come with her over to Jackie's house, the less active member, so we could help the family come back. She was very adamant, and after a couple phone calls and moving a few things around we were able to make it work. This is the families story- Jackie was baptized when three missionaries found her family when she was a young girl. She fell away from the church when she moved to the states when she was 16. Years later, she was married with three kids when three missionaries came knocking on her door. She let them in, and the whole family accepted the gospel. They were sealed as a family back in 2010 and in her words, "it was the happiest day ever, all my dreams came true!" About a year ago they were having a hard time and didn't feel much support from the ward and in time they slowly stopped attending church. 

Well they moved up here about a month ago and have really been feeling like they need to come back to church. They have looked up where the congregation meets and at what time, but they have been nervous. Once Jackie met Rosanna, she new they needed to come back. So we walk in the door on Tuesday and Jackie just about dies when she sees that there are, once again, THREE missionaries. She knew it was a sign from the Lord, since he always sends her three. Also, when we walked in, we saw pictures of the temple, and of their sealing day all over the house, Mormon Tabernacle Choir was blasting and everyone was in the kitchen making bread together... It was hysterical. We are excited to help this family become fully active again. I am continually astounded by the example of Rosanna in inviting her to come back. This lady was on vacation, but she did not stop listening to the spirit and helping the Lords work move forward. I just thought it was so cool!

Happy Fourth of July!! σΎ“¦

Sister Mal

I think I have begun to conquer my fear of bugs... I killed it with my hand.

This guy was cruising down the street on a rainy day ready to go camping.

The Tampa zone with President and Sister Cooper

Sister Sutton at her finest

This is the second Oregon plate I have seen in Florida. The first
was the very start of my mission.

My goal was to get Doug to smile... He swore at me and thus

resulted him laughing like a child in the second picture.

The storm on Saturday almost killed me. My fear of thunder and

lightning hasn't gone anywhere.

Meet Ed. It was his birthday when we knocked on his door. He was
super sweet and we taught him a bit. It made his whole day that we
came by.

Florida sunsets are probably the best ones I have ever seen.

Sister Felt sent these beach photos.

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