Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Week 71

PRIEST UPDATE: I just want to shout it from the roof tops: WE GOT ONE OF THE PRIESTS TO AGREE TO START HIS MISSION PAPERS THIS WEEK. I really can't even explain how huge of a miracle this was. Sister Sutton and I were doing the happy dance and literally have been on cloud 9 all week.

Here's the story, we went over on Tuesday to do a Book of Mormon read with him (I've talked about these before, but basically we read the Book of Mormon for 10 minutes with them and help them receive an answer. the youth love it). Well his mom was there too, and his grandma and his dad. It was a party!! So we read and he gets his answer in 10 minutes and then his mom says to us, "Alright sisters, tell Johnny what the best part of the mission experience is, because currently he doesn't not want to go but he also doesn't want to go". 

So I asked, on a scale of 1 to 10 (I'm a big fan of the scales) 10 you're going no questions asked and 1 being you'll never ever go, where are you? He said, "5". So then Sister Sutton and I both shared our experiences of choosing to go on a mission. I told him how I prayed for three years, and how my mission papers sat for 6 months before the submit button was clicked. I told him that I was at a 5 too, but if the Lord said I needed to go, I would be at a 10, if he told me I didn't need to go, I would be at a 1. But my 5 didn't change until after I had my call in hand. Over the months leading up to my mission I went from a 5 to 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 and then once the MTC came, I hit my 10. 

He was kind of surprised by what I shared with him, and it seemed to help him see he doesn't have to be all in right away. Our commitment to him at the end was to start his mission papers... he agreed. His mom was FREAKING out. It was AWESOME. We'll keep following up with him, but I would be ecstatic if he had his mission call before we leave!

Other news: Doug. I wrote about him a couple weeks ago. His daughter, is a recent convert and he has recently shown a lot of interest in the church. He has made MAJOR changes in his life to be ready for baptism. We continue to work with him, but he is doing so well! We stopped by to drop something off for his daughter and he was all, "Whatcha doing here? I'm ready for my lesson about God and His church! What are you going to teach me today?!" So we read in the Book of Mormon, the story of Nephi's brothers tying him to the ship, and he got SO emotional about it. He loves everything that he's learning, the processing is just a tad bit slower though, so we're taking it one step at a time. He's probably the first person I have had to tell not to jump in the font quite yet, he's beyond excited for baptism. 

I just can't imagine if I had never served a mission and met Doug, or the priests or any of my companions or anyone. It really has been one of the greatest choices I could ever make. We have more priests to get on board and more people to find! Time is of the essence. 

Love you all!
Sister Mal

crazy Florida doors

Sneaky Sister Sutton. The summer clouds are coming and so are the
summer storms!

I forget my height on a daily basis. That day a tree was stuck in my hair.

Sister Sutton learned how to cut a watermelon this week

Hills. This is something I have not seen since I left home. It was
the WEIRDEST sight.

Sonic slushies

This is right outside one of our sisters apartment complexes,
manatees swim up and down the river, but we couldn't see any :(

Sleepy Sister Sutton

Flamingo and daisy paints

I just told the deacons about this in my letter,  but the frogs
outside our apartment have really stepped up their game. There are
three of them now and we can't leave the house without them trying to
jump on us. This one was trying to get inside.

Bryson was happy, I swear. The Skeets! Jalen won his game.

I just love these flowers.

These are my absolute favorite palm trees in the whole wide world. I want one in my backyard one day... Just not in Florida.

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