Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 72

Priest Update: our time is running out. The first one leaves for good next week. Yesterday they were the most interactive they have ever been, and I feel like they actually might kind of like us now. I know for a fact they have learned a lot, even if they would never admit it. It's been a super cool experience and I feel like my testimony has been strengthened through working with them. They have helped me to see the true simplicity of the gospel and how much it can bless anyone's life.

So I know I have written about Doug many times, but this week was just amazing. We taught him on Saturday night with our ward mission leader, Brother Wilkinson. The last time we taught Doug with Brother Wilkinson, we brought a chalkboard and drew out the godhead. We had to break down the differences between God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. At the end of the lesson Doug prayed to God, Jesus, Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit. Like I said last week, his understanding is a bit slower, but his desire is fully there. Well Doug said the prayer at the end of the lesson on Saturday and Brother Wilkinson was so impressed, not only did he know WHO he was praying to, but it was one of the most heart felt prayers. 

From the first day we started meeting with Doug til last night, there has been a night and day difference. I've heard so many missionaries and people say that you really get to see the atonement work on your mission. And I feel like I have seen it work to change people's lives spiritually, but with Doug, there has been a physical transformation that has happened over the last couple weeks. Literally he isn't the same person anymore. He acts completely different and he is able to understand the things we are teaching so much more quickly.

He asked us on Saturday, in the middle of the lesson, "Random question, but how many people join your congregation each year?" So we got talking about missionary work and how great it is, not only for the person who joins the church, but how when members come to lessons they are uplifted too. We told him how big of an impact he has had on us and he was amazed to find out that his life wasn't the only one being changed. I have never seen the atonement work so quickly on someone. I would love for Sister Olson and Sister Huber (they were the ones to teach his daughter, Yvonne) to come back and have a chat with him, because I don't think they would even recognize him anymore. No one has gone beyond the reach of the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Our message really is so unique and now after each of Doug's lessons I can't help but say, "I really love this gospel... a whole lot!"

I love you all!
Sister Mal

Sneaky lizard came in during our training

Companionship unity display with the assistants

CLOTHESSSSSS we took 12 bags to Goodwill and ended up throwing away Sister Suttons running shoes on accident... oops!

Hey Sister Sutton! Remember that one time a cop pulled us over and we got away with a warning? Honesty never felt so good.

Mental breakdowns at their finest.

It's been REAL hot

Racetrack slurpees for dinner and laying on our "couch" or the extra bed in our apartment

lots of crazy clouds this week... also it was SUPER HOT for a couple days, but it's cooled off a TON

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