Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 67

A little bit about mothers and fathers. 
This week was the first time ever that I almost picked up the phone to call my mother, but the mission nurse had to do instead. 
On Friday here are two comments that were made to us:
While we were sitting on a couch in a less actives home, her six year old daughter came up to us and said, "I have a cold and lice!" You better believe there was a great big smile on her face.
The next came from the father of someone we teach to which he said, "I'll have you guys in the house next time, we got to get this bed bug situation figured out". Great. 
Just skip this paragraph if you're already grossed out. So Friday night I had a panic attack because that wasn't the first mention of lice that we have had. We've been told this years lice is a super lice that is hard to kill. That evening my companions spent the evening hour going through my hair. We'll just keep it short and say all three of us have lice and that's what we've spent the weekend dealing with. I am suddenly extremely grateful for the fact that I have had it before, because I knew what to do. I am also grateful for a mother who didn't just shave my head the first time. Don't worry mom, it could have been worse. Look at Sister Suttons hair- long, blonde and thick. It's been quite the weekend. 
Priest Update: One of the priests got up in sacrament meeting and bore his testimony about the church and how excited he is to serve a mission. I made eye contact with Bishop and we both made a half smile. Not sure if our lessons have had any effect, but we did challenge him the week previously to pray and ask God if the church is true and he told us he had done it. Whatever it was, we'll take it. 
We taught the priests yesterday about the plan of salvation, and it went really well. It seemed to give them all a bit more of a perspective as to why we are acting with so much urgency. Now is the time to make the choices that will effect you for the rest of your eternity, and you truly never know how long you'll be here. We talked a lot about judgement day, when you stand before God and whether that will be a happy day or a scary day. Most of the boys talked about how you would feel fear at first but then you would hopefully feel peace. The young men's president told them to think about their own dads and then recognize that Heavenly Father is the perfect Father. With that perspective, it seemed like the boys realized it won't be scary at all, rather a glorious reunion. 
But then I had this little thought, so I shared it with them. I think about my own dad and how I know him. I know when he is happy and I know when he is not. I know when he is pleased with me and I know when I could have done better. I have had to build a relationship with my own dad, and our Heavenly Father is no different. Think about it. Can you imagine going to judgement day and a Man standing before you that you don't even know? He runs up to you to give you a hug and you suddenly feel extremely awkward because you have no idea who He is. Heavenly Father knows us perfectly, but we have to come to know Him. We have to learn of who He is, when He is happy with us and when He corrects us and shows us how we could have done better. If we truly want it to be a happy reunion when we stand before the judgement bar of God, we MUST do our part. As we live the gospel of Jesus Christ, we come to know our Heavenly Father. 
A couple of the boys told me I just ruined the happiness they were looking forward to. Sorry. But it's better to figure it out now, then to have that awkward moment on the other side. 
Adios from Lice-Ville. Family: we'll chat on Sunday. 
Love you!
Sister Mal

Right before we discovered it

We had a good laugh - selfies haha!


The only way to survive a lice attack

This is proof I love Sister Sutton

Frozen Gator

Lice shampoo directions

This is how I wait for my companions


Sister Sutton and Hermione

Hermione and flamingos
Love notes from Mariah and her friend, who's a member, Michele
Tampa Zone!
Ward BBQ
The girls gave us hand paint instead of face paint.
Washing the long blond hair
Clothes for days ...
It was literally the worst!
It took hours for them to go through my hair!
I lover her!


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