Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 69

Well family, it's been quite a week and I don't even know where to begin. 
Maybe let's start off with a funny horrible story?
With all these lice happenings we have been boiling our brushes, combs, hair ties and bobby pins like crazy. Last night, we came home after church and had dinner and then did a quick hair check (we've been clean for awhile but we keep checking mom!) We put a pot of boiling water on the stove like we've done a hundred times before and threw the hair accessories in, but we forgot to turn off the stove...
A couple hours later we came home and could smell something strange... We opened the apartment door and it was filled with smoke. So naturally we ran inside. We instantly knew it was the stove and so we turned it off and opened up all the windows. The fans were blowing and we were choking on the air. I'm still not sure how the smoke detector wasn't going off, but luckily the only things that were ruined were Sister Nasman's comb, a bunch of hair ties and bobby pins. Our apartment reeked of toxic plastic and so we called the zone leaders for permission to sleep at the other sisters apartment. They have been hearing about all the crazy happenings over here and when we called they just laughed at us and told us to watch "The Refiners Fire" Mormon message. We are VERY grateful that we are all still alive and well. Anyways, seven sisters in one apartment, it was insanity. We came back this morning and it still reeks pretty bad, even though all the windows were left open overnight. We have been airing it out and cleaning like crazy. We pray that we don't get cancer in twenty years. 
Happy story: I was standing outside the bathroom, waiting for my companions, eating a granola bar just after ward council yesterday. I noticed a couple coming down the hallway, so I turned to see who it was and I had to do a double take because ALLEN AND JANICE WERE WALKING DOWN THE HALL!! It was a happy moment, and when my companions came out they were quite shocked to find out they really were my aunt and uncle! It was so fun to have them there for a bit. After church I had multiple ward members come up to us and say, "I couldn't get over to you, but who was that couple sitting with you?! Are they investigators? Because they look SOLID!" Nope, not investigators... Just Uncle Allen and Aunt Janice :) 
Spiritual story: the zone leaders were going through their areabook and because of the ward split they still have some former investigators that now live in our area. They sent us to go visit a woman named Leslie, who seemed to have a solid background. We went and visited her and it turns out her niece is a member, and 75% of her social media is LDS. She met with some sisters a year and a half ago, but then was handed off to elders and she didn't feel comfortable meeting with them. She reads from the Book of Mormon occasionally and wants to serve everyone around her. She wants to start meeting with us again and she's been through A LOT over the past two years. She is absolutely amazing though. It's funny to me to see how God uses different people to carry out His work. He knows the trials, hardships, talents and gifts that we have to offer to others and that alone can help people to be interested in the gospel again. We are super excited to meet with her in the coming week! 
Transfers are today- so stay posted for that!
Love you!
Sister Mal
spotted.. allen and janice!! i'm going to get busted!

shout out to mom. you're the best in the whole wide world

this is a pet chicken that watches tv with these boys

 the weirdest looking turkey that fights raccoons and dances

 the chicken again

a drawing some other missionaries made for us

 ice cream sandwiches are how i've survived this week

sister sutton is the only thing that keeps me sane

 the pot that ruined our apartment

heading out last night to flee the toxic smoke

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