Saturday, April 30, 2016

week 66

One year ago, I was moved to the Tampa 2nd ward. One year ago is when I began serving with Sister Huber. Over the course of a year we have: served in two wards together, been STL companions for 5 months and actual companions for two months. For 9 months of that year we did NOT get along. At all. We have since talked about it, and it's been interesting to see how much we really hated each other and how much our hearts have softened. 
Our companions could attest to it. I can remember multiple times where I said to my companion, "I really don't think we are capable of liking each other". It seemed that everything she did, seriously bugged me, to no end. 
Back in September, we were made STL companions and when I found that out I instantly thought, "Oh no... This is isn't going to work". I began to earnestly pray for the capacity to love Sister Huber and to be able to show my love to her. The next day, the Lord sent me a direct answer to my prayer. Over the course of the following week, under very odd circumstances, I was given the chance to show my love for her. It was a humbling week to say the least, but I realized that I really did love her and care about her.
However, after that week was over, it seemed like things went right back to how they were. But this time I knew that I loved her, and that if I tried, we could make it work. The next couple months were better, but it was still VERY rough. 
In January, we both had a change in our companionship and suddenly we started to get along. We realized that we did like each other and that we really could work together. Over the next two months, we saw a complete change in how we interacted. We finally realized that we were on the same team and that if we worked together, we could do a lot more good. 
I will never forget the day that we were on the phone and my companion and I were in Land O Lakes, which Sister Huber had predominately worked in. She told me of a couple formers and less actives to go and see in the area we were in. Sister Huber and her companion were over in Wesley Chapel in an area that I had worked in a lot, and I did the same thing- referred them to a few people to go try. We got off the phone and I said to my companion, "That's how to work together in an area. That would have NEVER happened six months ago". Miracles. 
Then, at the start of March we got a call from the assistants and we were suddenly companions. In the last two moths I have learned SO much from Sister Huber. She is an incredible example of how to truly work with members. She is perfectly bold as she teaches but does so with the utmost love. The amount of effort that she puts into the work is at least three times as much as the normal missionary. Now that I've served with her, I want to go back and start my mission all over again with the knowledge I have. 
The biggest lesson that I have learned over the past year is that it is truly through our Savior, Jesus Christ, that our hearts can be softened and we can love others. Sister Huber has had a profound influence on my life and I will always be grateful for her. We're both off to different things now, but I know I needed to come to Florida to serve with her. I can honestly say that I love Sister Huber.
It's possible to make your enemies your friends. The end. 
Sister Mal

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