Sunday, August 2, 2015

week 27

Here's 3 short stories for you that really hit me this week.
#1- Hutch. Hutch was baptized on day 3 of us being in Wesley Chapel. The sisters before us had worked heavily with him and so when we came in, we just made sure that the baptism was still going forward. Hutch had a friend who was a member of the church, 6 years ago, who gave him a Book of Mormon. It took him 6 years to read it, but he is now a member of the church and is there every week.
#2- Herbie. Herbie was baptized this last weekend, BY HUTCH. That alone was a really cool thing to witness. But 40 years ago, Herbie's commander gave him a Book of Mormon. He took it with him in combat jumps because he knew it was of value and it had to do with God, but couldn't make heads or tales of it. 8 years ago he was taught all the lessons by elders here, but decided not to be baptized because he wanted to be baptized with his family. The other sisters met him on the street about 6 weeks ago, and him and his wife were baptized on Saturday.
#3- The Melendez family. We were knocking looking for a less active. We had the address but not the apartment number, so we knocked every door. A man opened up on the fourth or fifth door and said, "I know exactly who you two are. I would know that name badge anywhere". Within 30 seconds he told us he met with missionaries in New Jersey 8 years ago and asked us to return to teach his whole family later that week. We returned, and taught him and his wife and their two teenage children on Saturday. We asked them to come to church, and THEY CAME. With them, they brought the copy of the Book of Mormon the Elders had given them, 8 years ago. They haven't read it, but have kept it all these years because they knew it was meaningful.
Now, why do I share these 3 stories? Because you truly never know how much good you do. I could easily share 10 more from this past week of smaller experiences that peole have had with the church, other than receiving a Book of Mormon. But in every case, these people have had experiences with the church before we met them. We were told about a month ago that it typically takes someone 7-8 times of encountering the church before they come to know for themselves. 7-8. Sometimes we meet peole and we are the first touch, and other times we are the fourth or the fifth. But when it comes down to it, you NEVER know how much good you do.
I love you all!
Siser Mal
P.S. Pray for the Melendez family? We are REALLY excited for them.

It was a happy day :)

crocs are my new favorite.

Look who I saw at the Ray's Game!!

I went running up to him, but Elder Dance, one of the assistants (seen on the right in the first picture) went to give him a handshake. Elder Tanuvasa just said, "Sorry Elder Dance" dodged him and came up to me. It was hysterical.

Then the other pictures are of our 3 minute conversation haha

I do not know how to work umbrellas. 


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