Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Miracles Happen" week 4

cue cheesy princess diaries music

Alright. Let's just talk about that one time when Sister Sutton and I went off on our own. Day 6 of our missions, our companions leave us for exchanges and the two newbies have 4 lessons to teach all within 3 hours, oh and dinner should probably happen in there somewhere. We were excited and scared out of our little minds. 

Miracle #1: we have been teaching a sweet old man named Ron. He has been meeting with missionaries for over 6 months, but keeps having various surgeries and because of it the missionaries keep having to drop him. So he's heard all the lessons, and wants to get baptized, but his physical health is struggling right now. So Sister Sutton and I weren't really sure what to teach, but we felt like let's go with the 10 commandments and talk about Mosiah 13. So that's what we did! We get there and ask him about his Book of Mormon reading and guess what he read that morning: Mosiah 13. I was so pumped. It was awesome. We had a great little lesson.

So after that's over, we're hurrying home to get food and trying to figure out where our next appointment is when suddenly: the gps stops working, And hello- we're clueless as to where we are. So we make it home, but we are worried about getting to our next appointment. We take dinner to go, tell the people that we're going to teach we're going to be late and then go to the appartment office to get wifi so we can figure out where we are going! Well our ipad stops working. The lesson we were going to give we can't anymore, basically we had a moment of, "Oh my goodness Satan hates us and we are trying SO hard!!" We finally are on our way to the appointment and we are just stressed out of our minds. I even said to Sister Sutton, "we already had our one miracle of the day with Ron! We can't have anymore!" Well what do you know... we stop at a stop light completely. Next thing I know I hit the car in front of us, HARD. How it happened?! I have no idea, like I'm still confused. But we both start crying. It was ridiculous. We are freaking out as we pull over and cursing Satan at the same time for working so hard on us.

The guy in front of us gets out of his car and is literally the nicest man in the world. There isn't even a mark on his car. He told us to go about our day and not to worry about it. I couldn't stop thanking him. So then we look at our car.... NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Not even a tiny scratch. This time I cried of happiness. The Lord had not forgotten the two newbies. We were so so grateful. We prayed just before we left for safety and it was granted.

There are no limits to miracles and God answers our prayers. 

Tampa is so great. I'm loving every minute of this. This mission is absolutely NOTHING like I ever thought it would be. No one can tell you what a mission is like, you just can't, You have to experience it for yourself. 

Love you all!
Sister Mal
we received flowers for valentines day from the other sisters! 

packages from home
treat yourself

the squirrel that was petrified. yes it is dead and yes it is climbing up a tree. we were really confused.

last night in the MTC! party with a dozen cupcakes, three dozen krispie kreame donuts and chips and salsa... noise makers of course to drive our hall crazy

trying to get everything to fit
Tampa missionaries 

this is Miss Sharon. She was our TRC investigator. I love her so much 

brother gleason! one of our MTC teachers

familiar faces!
selfie sundays!

la-bon-qui-qui she's our investigator that we teach

Sister Kitchen and I- bowling for preparation day last week!

this is how comp study looks to sister kitchen every day- me in my cocoon. 

sunsets at the yacht club-- it had stormed all day, so we didn't get a full blown sunset, but it was still gorgeous

the yw heart attacked our door- this ward is awesome.
Ronetta- a recent convert. Sister Sutton and I meet with her on Tuesdays. She is basically the most God loving woman I have ever met. I love her 
the first time biking in a skirt... basically the whole world saw everything. it's impossible to be modest i swear. one day i will master this skill.
that one day we biked down to base... on accident. 14 miles round trip. we wanted to die.

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