Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 73

I don't know what to write about today and we're headed to the beach later so here's some bullet points...
Facts of the week:
  • We have survived our first tropical storm. It wasn't that exciting. Tuesday morning at 3 am there was a massive thunder and lightning storm that was so close that our apartment was shaking. Needless to say, Sister Sackley was freaking out. But all is well. We have been blaming "Collin" for the weather all week. It's been BEYOND muggy. 
  • Things are winding down with the priests. Next Sunday might be our last Sunday teaching them. The first of the graduating boys left this week. It's been a really unique opportunity and I have learned a lot from them. We still have a couple that we'll continue to encourage the mission for. Dad told me months ago that most boys decide whether or not they will serve a mission between the ages of 9-11. Start them young, that's probably the biggest lesson I have learned from it all. 
  • Doug passed his baptismal interview yesterday. Last night we had a lesson, it was also his 60th birthday, and we told him that since he had passed the interview, he could be baptized this Saturday. I wish I would have recorded his reaction, it was absolutely priceless. His mouth dropped and his eyes filled with tears. He quickly informed us, "Don't worry! These are tears of happiness!" He was overcome with joy and truly looked happier than a kid on Christmas. We are praying that Yvonne (his daughter) won't have to work this weekend, otherwise it might be pushed a week. We should find out later today. He's ready and there is literally, NOTHING stopping him. His neighbors have been coming up to him and saying, "Why don't you find an easier religion to be apart of?" And he loudly declares, "Because I need to be a Mormon! I know it's true!!" We love him. 
  • Also, Doug's son, Trevor, sat in on a lesson this week. After he told us his life story and the hardships he's been through. We invited him to learn more and to work towards baptism himself. He agreed. We had talked a lot about eternal families in that lesson and we are really seeing this family come together one step at a time. Yvonne was baptized in December, Yvonne just took her moms name to the temple at the end of last month, Doug will be baptized soon and now Trevor wants to learn. It's been absolutely amazing to see. 
  • Oh... also we went to visit a referral at the hospital this week and Sister Sutton almost passed out. There was no blood or anything gross. Just a woman in a hospital bed, and Sister Sutton was shaking and pale as could be. The poor girl does NOT do good with anything medical. It was pretty hysterical though. 
Love you all!
Sister Mal

why yes, why not have a knight at your front door?!

i got to go on a mini exchange with sister olson this week. she's so great. i miss being comps with her.

literally the weirdest bug ever... a piece of sand moving. and yes folks, we're going back to the bug pictures. it's been a long time.

beautiful sunsets for the day!

a member gave this to me last week and i can't stop laughing about it. so accurate.

 metro fun. we tend to stand on chairs a lot

 i wish I could show what the grass looks like here. this grass is a good 8 inches off the ground... it's SO fluffy and filled with bugs.


a beautiful canal in a random neighborhood

a cow. you're welcome.

the shelley kids-- they are the craziest funniest people ever. Tyler's headed off to school today. we will miss them!


comp unity

this is right after sister sutton almost passed out. we sat outside and she had her head between her knees.

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