Monday, July 13, 2015

week 25

i have no idea what even to say about this week....
BUT PEPE COMES NEXT WEEK. oh my hannah. I'm SO excited. you have no idea.
so i really don't know where to start. i feel like this might just be word vomit.
we got a call on tuesday this week from our ward mission leader and it went like this...
Me: Hello this is Sister Sackley!
Him: Hello! Do you want to baptize some people?
Me: Umm... of course we do.
Him: Well perfect. We have a family that has an 8 year old and an 11 year old. Their dad is a member but hasn't attended church in years. Their mom is not a member. The bishop just got a call from their grandpa, who is an active member, saying that the grandkids want to be baptized. The grandpa said he got a call from his son this week saying that his kids wanted to be members. So he told his son that they needed to meet with the missionaries and gain testimonies and go through the whole process. And his son said, "we'll do whatever we have to do". So go baptize them!
Me:................................................... what.
Him: You heard me.
Me:................. This isn't a bad april fool's joke or something... right?!
Him: I wouldn't be that mean!
Him: Yes....
so it's taken just about the whole week to get in contact with the family, but we finally have an appointment set up for this week. We're beyond excited. Pray for the Callicoat family. God works in mysterious ways and we are excited to help them come closer to Christ. The day we got the call we had worked ridiculously hard, and had seen nothing come of it. Our prayers aren't always answered how we want, but God's plan is better than anything I could have even dreamed of.
Love ya!
Sister Mal

Tina-- the less active i wrote about a couple weeks ago. She's heading out of town for the next couple weeks and since we don't know about transfers yet we said goodbye yesterday. she cried and said, "my love for you two is eternal!" she's precious. we love her

coooookies. it was a good day.

death by sister olson. i came out of the bathroom and this is what she had done to the apartment in about 30 seconds.

the bugs get crazier each day!!

thanks mom and bailey!!

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