Tuesday, June 9, 2015

week 20

three things:
Sackley, Mallory...............Stay.
wahoooooo. Things are starting to look normal, but maybe I'm speaking too soon!
2- Update on John:
John is INCREDIBLE. Clearly prayers are reaching him. This week we went to his lesson and he tells us he got a little distracted one day as he was reading the Book of Mormon and started researching the church. RED FLAG. But then he proceeds to tell us that over the course of three days he watched: Ephraims Rescue, 17 Miracles, and all of the Work and the Glory. And he's been trying to watch the Restoration, but hasn't been able to get it. He's prepared and we are beyond excited for him. Thank you for the prayers!!
3- The Miracle of Isela:
At the start of my mission, I would hear the sisters that served in this area talk about a woman named Isela at district meetings. About two months in, she finally had a solid date set and was ready to be baptized. Just before her baptism, she found out she would be moving to Orlando for work, so the sisters arranged for missionaries to baptize her there. To make a long story short-- she didn't end up moving. But got super busy with work and didn't have time to meet with the sisters.
When we arrived in the area we had a note on her teaching record that said, "Keep trying with her, she is prepared, life is just really busy right now". 
So we've tried. For 6 weeks, every now and again. But nothing.
The sisters didn't have her address since they never taught her in her home. We got a self media referal (a referal from Mormon.org where someone refers themself or a friend), for ISELA this week. With an address. We were on cloud 9. 
We go to find her.... of course, the house doesn't exist, but the street does. So we knock every door on the street looking for her. And let me tell you.... that street is LONG. We've gone back on three different occassions to be able to complete the whole thing. Well last night we had two doors left, and we were frustrated. We knock on the door and low and behold, Isela's sister answers the door. Turns out she's out of town for a couple weeks, but she's interested still. God works in mysterious ways, but it is only through diligence that we see the miracles come.
Love you all!
Sister Mal
mission christmas party on the beach... my two children (Sister Olson and Judkins)

fast sundays and dehydration are a real thing. NOTE: she is totally fine, just didn't drink enough water and was being a bit dramatic for the camera. DONT WORRY GRANDMA. 

Mary Poppins!
sister tawzer. after a full year of serving in the tampa 2 ward (the whole time she has been on her mission) she found out yesterday that she will be staying for at least another transfer. i'm happy about it. no changes around here!

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