Tuesday, June 9, 2015

week 19

This week we found ourselves knocking doors... for hours.... and NO ONE would answer. It was primetime on a Sunday night.... it was strange.
But then we get to this house and a man opens up and knows EXACTLY who we are and has been dying to learn more about the church. His name is John. We were pumped.
He then proceeded to tell us all about how he has been to Salt Lake to the family history center and how grateful he is for everything the church has for free, that he can use to locate his family. The building we attend has a family history center in it, and he has been many times to work on his family tree. We have a lovely conversation and set up a return appointment.
We go back and have the most amazing lesson of our lives. I can't even explain it. We had planned to teach him the restoration, but he knows so much about the church already that we spent the majority of the time talking about the Holy Ghost and the Book of Mormon only. He is beyond prepared. The following are quotes from him during the lesson, I kid you not:
"I've watched a lot of BYU devotionals, and I've never been so touched in my life. I mean I've heard a lot of preachers and pastors, but there is just something special about those people. They make me cry every time!"
"Mormons are just so happpy! And I can't figure out why. But I want to be like that! I want to be just as forgiving as they are"
"Is the Holy Ghost that little voice I hear in my head, guiding me?"

as he's explaining how he got a Book of Mormon, "I just saw a pile of them at your building when I went to do family history work, and I took it as my invitation to take it and read it!"
"I know what you're getting at! You want me to read the Book of Mormon and listen to the Holy Ghost! Hmmm I can do that!"
He is incredible. But has been out of town for a couple days now. We are so excited to teach him again this week.The Lord truly does prepared hearts, and John is a perfect example of just that. Pray for him?
Love you all!
Sister Mal

I had to ride my bike for a solid 2-3 miles like this for exchanges. 

the CUTEST kids in the ward that took us around to all their neighbors... they literally went tracting with us for an hour. so we let them wear our badges for a minute. they both said, "we want to serve missions, but only for 3 years"

cheers to forever 21 cheap jewelry... i sweat so much that my neck turns green. youre welcome for that visual.

hurricane money party.... you get REALLY weird looks when you ask for 80 bucks in 5s and 1s.... ooops. 

memorial day lasagna and watermelon with the other sisters (also no other apartment in the mission looks like this-- a member gave them old furniture and so their apartment is SUPER nice)

i've never looked so attractive in my life.... we get caught in storms almost daily. thanks florida.

That time we accidentally got stuck on either side of the gate. 

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