Monday, May 18, 2015

week 17

the bridge we walk on most days to get out of our neighborhood... isn't it lovely?! the green here is like a brighter version of home

"do you need a ride?" 
seriously. people are frightening somedays. 
My point in all of this is not to say we have creepy men hitting on us all day (although we sometimes do), but rather to say that whoever says Satan disappears for missionaries, is wrong. Very very wrong. 
There are times in our life when a choice is placed before us and the line is clear. Good and bad. The decision is made easy and you don't even think twice about it.
But more often than not, that's not how Satan works. He's clever and he knows our weak points. He knows how to make us feel discouaged or how to make the sun feel ten times hotter than it actually is (or so I like to think). This week Sister Olson and I discovered that we had let the advesary get to us. One day during studies we found ourselves both in a funk and frustrated with a lot of things. We felt like we had lost the spirit and we couldn't figue out what we were doing wrong. It was a relief to discover we were on the same page, but also scary becase we didn't know what to change.
We knelt and prayed. And prayed. And prayed. HARD.
It became very clear that the spirit had not left, it was there, but we had let other things get in the way. We weren't being disobedient, but we were forgetting to look to God. 
We made a game plan, took it to the Lord, and put it into action. And then begged for miracles.
They came. They always do. We felt engulfed with the spirit the second we knelt down and asked God for help. It's been a miracle filled weekend and I am getting really excited for these next couple weeks as we continue to look to God and live. Try it! It's amazing what the Lord can do in our lives.
Love you!
Sister Mal
P.S. Dianne and Josie need your prayers :)

Here's an extra little tidbit of craziness for your week:
Yesterday we get a call from President inviting us over for dinner.... yes. Sunday dinner at the Cusicks. We were freaking out thinking that we were being trapped or maybe there would be a nonmember there, and so we were trying to prepare ourselves the best we could! 
We show up. The APs show up. The four of us and the Cusicks sat and ate the most delicious meal ever. They just wanted to have us over for dinner. We sat and talked about the real world. I know I sound like an idiot... but it was CRAZY. And then President had us and the APs organize this new planning format for the whole mission. Living two miles from President definitely has it's advantages.... but it's SO crazy at the same time. We don't even know what normal life is like anymore.
Love ya lots!
Sister Mal

hand painting bought to you by the yw at the ward party this week... all the siser's hand

tampa 2 sisters!

the ward had a carnival auction party this week and a photo booth was a part of the fun

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