Tuesday, November 10, 2015

week 40

A couple weeks ago, the sisters that we were living with decided to hand out 14 copies of the Book of Mormon one day, just because. When they got home they told us about how incredible of a day they had and all of the sudden Sister Harper and I got all these ideas... 
Would if we handed out 22 copies for my 22nd Birthday? Would if I wrote my testimony in each one of them? Oh and why not also mark 22 of my favorite scriptures in each one? 
Over the last couple weeks I have written my testimony in 22 copies of the Book of Mormon. They were each addressed to someone different: a mother, a father, a child of God, a stranger, a friend, etc. And they had at least one of my favorite scriptures marked in every one. 
So on Friday, we ran around like crazies and successfully left 22 keys to heaven all over town. 22 random people that I have never met before received the Book of Mormon, and let me tell you- it was the most incredible birthday ever.
The lady at the gas station, Joseph (the grilled cheese eating man), the pre-teen washing the truck, Luis and Loran who spoke in tongues after we gave it to them, Noah's grandma (a little boy we met outside his house), the Amaya family (who we will be going back to teach this week), an awkward tween, a young girl who had tye-die socks, a larger black woman who loves Jesus, another Jesus loving woman that had over sized sunglasses on, our waiter at dinner, Christian (the pro soccer player), a French woman at the French bakery, a lady who told us "I will probably need this later tonight!", James (a man with headphones in that looked very sad), a man who was waiting for his wife and told us he had read it before and would try it again, two spanish men who were in a fiery conversation when I interupted, a man speaking insanely fast in an un-known tongue on the phone, a worker at the sunglass store in the mall (it's a good place to hit a lot of people), a couple that was speed-walking past, and then we ran into our Bishop... who pointed to a man, who received the 22nd copy of the Book of Mormon, at 8:56... we still made it home by 9. 
I really can't even begin to explain the miracles that we saw come of it. It was the most amazing thing. About half of them noticed the note in the front of the book and the other half gratefully accepted it. On a day that is so normally focused on you- we did our best to focus it on the Lord and it was AMAZING.
This work is good, even on hard days, it's wonderful to be apart of. 
Love you!
Sister Mal

Birthday package 

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